Registered agent for Delaware company

A Delaware-based registered agent is legally required for all Delaware companies.

Registered agent for Delaware company - specialized in provision of Delaware registered agent services for international clients

Futuramax's registered agent services

For a small annual fee Futuramax provide international clients with reliable registered agent services in Delaware. We notify you well in advance of any State of Delaware filing requirements, such as franchise tax and annual report (corporation) or annual tax notices (LLC).
We can also file your company's annual report and forward your franchise tax payments to the State of Delaware.
Registered Agent Services Delaware
In the event of legal action or a lawsuit against your company, we scan and email the legal papers served straight away.
We can also email your lawyer / accountant at the same time. Some legal documents have 100 and more pages and cannot be scanned. In this case we email the cover page and a summary of what it is about so that you can instruct us how to forward the paper documents to you.
Registered Agent notification in case of lawsuit

What is a registered agent?

Purpose of the registered agent is to provide the Delaware company with a legal address (a P.O. Box does not suffice) where the company can be contacted during normal business hours. Maintaining a Delaware based registered agent is a legal requirement to form and run a company in Delaware.
Futuramax's registered agent services serves as a single point of contact for international clients. We can deal with all your corporate filing and annual compliance requirements. If a problem (e.g. a lawsuit or accountancy issues) requires external help, we would be pleased to refer you to local Delaware lawyers or accountants.

What does a registered agent do?

The State of Delaware sends franchise tax notices and annual report forms to the registered agent's address. A registered agent also accepts legal correspondence, such as service of process in case of a lawsuit brought against the Delaware company.

Use of registered agent address

Our registered agent address is meant to be used for legal correspondence only. If you require a Delaware mailing address for receiving business mail please check out our virtual office packages.