Other Delaware company services

Futuramax provide a wide range of additional services which can be ordered along with a Delaware company formation or separately.

Company Kit, Apostille, EIN Number, Delaware LLC and Corporation sample forms, annual filing, US tax number, amendment, company dissolution

Additional services for Delaware companies

Company kits & company seals

We offer either the LLC Kit or the Corporation Kit. Both contain a company seal, record or minutes book, stock or membership certificates, sample bylaws or operating agreement and various IRS forms. We have different options for both kits, either compact or luxury leather kits.

Sample LLC & corporation forms

These editable sample forms delivered by email include templates for board meetings, management agreements and the most frequently used business contracts. Buying (and using) these forms is highly recommended in order to ensure compliance matters.

Certified copy & apostille

Many circumstances such as opening a bank account abroad, setting up a foreign branch or major contracts require certified or apostilled company documents and good standing certificates. We can obtain these documents for you and send them anywhere worldwide.

Notarization & translation

Internal company documents such as bylaws or operating agreements sometimes require authentication from a local Delaware notary. As your Registered Agent we can obtain notarized and translated company documents (any language) in Delaware.

US tax number (EIN or Federal Tax ID)

The EIN, or Federal Tax ID number is the most important prerequisite for international clients who wish to open an US bank account, apply for a business licence or hire employees in the United States. We can obtain the EIN for you, no matter where you live.

Annual filing

If we are appointed as your Registered Agent we can file the annual report (corporation only) and forward Delaware franchise tax on your behalf (both LLC and corporation).

Change of name

A Delaware company can decide to have its name changed whenever required. State of Delaware fee $200 (LLC) or $194 (Corporation) charged in addition.

Delaware company conversion

A Delaware Corporation can be converted to LLC and vice-versa. State of Delaware fee $200 (Corporation to LLC) or $164 (LLC to Corporation) charged in addition.

Redomicilation to/from Delaware

Delaware has the most flexible company re-domicilation laws worldwide. Any existing company is allowed to move its corporate domicile to Delaware. Delaware registered companies may also move to another US state or abroad (provided the corporate laws in the country of new registration allow so). A Delaware Corporation can be converted to LLC and vice-versa. State of Delaware fee $200 (Corporation to LLC) or $164 (LLC to Corporation) charged in addition.

Delaware company dissolution

State of Delaware fee $174 - $204 (dissolution of Corporation) or $200 (cancellation of LLC). The company needs to be in good standing with the State of Delaware (no franchise tax owed, annual report filed).